ArcVision Inc.

I am pleased to write this Letter of Recommendation on behalf of Mr. Peter Ferri and Hunter Building Corp. It has been our good fortune to have worked with Mr. Ferri and Hunter on many retail projects over the years. During those times we have witnessed a general contracting firm that exhibits confidence, quality and self-assuredness in their work.

Peter and his group are always quick to assist those on a project to meet their deadlines. Their capabilities set them apart from many of their peers and they are quick to set new, loftier goals upon completion of previous projects. I see willingness in every project that we have been involved with them to strive for more knowledge needed for the next project.

Peter also possesses the rare ability to relate and empathize with those around him. He does not limit himself to just Hunter's internal team. Instead he converses and brainstorms freely with others on the project team (architects included!) and actively attempts to learn and to help whomever could benefit from his assistance.

In closing, it is without hesitation that I would recommend Peter Ferri and Hunter Building Group.


Doug Ashdown ICSC
ArcVision Inc.
Architecture - Engineering - Store Planning